Your question: Is it safe to cycle on the road Singapore?

Bicycles, PMAs and non-motorised PMDs, such as manual kick-scooters, can be used on footpaths. Only cyclists and PAB riders are allowed to ride on roads, except for expressways and road tunnels. Under the Road Traffic Act, it is mandatory for cyclists and PAB riders to wear a helmet when riding on roads.

Is riding bike in Singapore dangerous?

Because of this, Singapore sees approximately 3,500 motorcycle accidents during an average year, and around 500 of those will involve severe injuries. Bone fractures and skull injuries are the most common serious injuries motorcyclists will sustain in Singapore when they are in an accident.

Is it OK to cycle on the road?

Yes, there are rules; and yes, when on the road, cyclists have to obey the same rules other road users — drivers and motorcyclists — do. These include such basic traffic rules as stopping for red lights, or not moving against the flow of traffic, or looking out for pedestrians.

Can you cycle anywhere in Singapore?

Singapore is traversed with an intricate circulatory system of paths and roads. … While cycling on footpaths and roads are circumstantially permissible, cycle on bicycle paths as much as possible for your safety and that of pedestrians.

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There is no law prohibiting lane splitting in Singapore. Count your blessings, motorcyclists – California is currently the only state in the United States legalizing lane splitting.

Is cycling without lights illegal?

It is illegal to cycle on a public road at night without lights and reflectors. If you are injured when cycling without lights, you may still be able to make a claim – but it could reduce the compensation you will receive.

What is the minimum amount of space a car should give a bicycle?

Exercise due care by leaving a safe distance, but in no case less than three (3) feet, when overtaking and passing a bicycle. Must pass the bicycle or other nonmotorized vehicle at a safe distance of not less than three (3) feet between the vehicle and the bicycle or other nonmotorized vehicle.

How many cycles are there in Singaporeans?

SINGAPORE – A quarter of all households in Singapore own bicycles, with 125,000 people using them for their daily commutes, said Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min in Parliament on Thursday (March 1).

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