Your question: How much did it cost to build Singapore General Hospital?

Built at a cost of S$180 million, it was officially opened by then prime minister Lee Kuan Yew on 12 September 1981. Another S$90 million was spent on equipping the hospital with the latest medical devices.

How much does it cost to build a hospital in Singapore?

The 3.4-hectare, 550-bed hospital cost an estimated S$700 million to build, and was opened in phases from March 2010.

What is the most expensive surgery in Singapore?

A heart bypass surgery is a costly treatment for treating coronary artery disease and due to its complexity, it is one of the most expensive hospital procedures in Singapore. In fact, the median cost of a coronary bypass surgery at a private hospital is S$75,398.

What happened to old Changi Hospital?

Changi Hospital is a now-defunct and abandoned general hospital located in Changi, Singapore. Its closure came with the merging with the former Toa Payoh Hospital and was renamed as the Changi General Hospital, which relocated new operations to nearby Simei, not far from Changi.

Is SGH under MOH?

The Singapore General Hospital is the largest hospital in the group and serves as the flagship hospital for the cluster.


Bowyer Block of Singapore General Hospital, the oldest and largest hospital in the SingHealth group
Parent organization MOH Holdings Pte. Ltd.
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