Your question: How do I get from Hanoi to Cat Ba?

The best and fastest way is to take a tourist bus (+transfer by boat/ferry) from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island (about 4-5 hours), or you can go to Ha Long and from Tuan Chau Island (10 km from Ha Long city) you can take a boat/ship to Cat Ba Island or you can go to Hai Phong and there you can take a speedboat to Cat Ba Island …

How do you get to Cat Ba Vietnam?

The only way to get to Cat Ba is by boat. If travelling from Hanoi your best bet is to buy a bus-boat-bus ticket from Luong Yen bus station (240,000 dong). Hoang Long is the main operator and has buses leaving Hanoi at 05:20, 07:20 and 11:20.

How do I get from Ha Long Bay to Cat Ba?

From Halong City, there are three ferries a day to the northern port of Cat Ba Island, from which it is a 40-minute drive to Cat Ba town. The ferry from Halong City to Cat Ba Island is 100,000 VND with a motorbike and 80,000 without, and is a beautiful ride through Ha Long Bay.

How do you get to Cat Ba island from Hai Phong?

Taking a speedboat to Cat Ba island from Hai Phong is the easiest way to get to the island. There are daily speedboats from Hai Phong to Cat Ba island, and the journey takes approximately 1 hour. The ferry departs at 1 pm and arrives at 2 pm at Cat Ba pier.

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Is Cat Ba worth visiting?

Cat Ba Island has plenty of small and large caves to discover. Most of them are renowned for primitive beauty and multi-shaped stalactites and stalagmites. One of the most worth visiting is the Hospital Cave, a huge complex that used to be a hospital to treat the wounded for over 10 years during the Vietnam War.

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