Your question: Can you fly from Phuket to Vietnam?

The best way to get from Phuket to Vietnam is to fly which takes 7h 56m and costs ฿7000 – ฿17000. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs ฿2200 – ฿2600 and takes 33h 24m. How long is the flight from Phuket to Vietnam? There is no direct flight from Phuket Airport to Tan Son Nhat Airport.

Can you fly from Thailand to Vietnam?

How long will it take from Thailand to Vietnam by air? With the departure from the destination of Bangkok – Thailand, each airline will have the specific flying time: … It takes about 7 hours from Bangkok to Hanoi and 6.5 hours from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City.

Can you fly out of Phuket?

If you are staying less than 14 days in Phuket, you must fly out of Phuket to an international destination. If you are staying for 14 days or more in Phuket and Sealed Routes (Samui and Krabi), you will then be able to travel to any domestic destination in Thailand.

How much does it cost to fly from Thailand to Vietnam?

Traveling by plane from Chiang Mai, Thailand, to Hanoi, Vietnam, is also most affordable from October to November. On average, the price of the flight is $190. However, the lowest price of the one-way ticket during the autumn months is under $150.

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Can I travel to Vietnam today?

Travelers currently allowed to enter Vietnam, including Vietnamese nationals and diplomatic, official duty, and special cases, including experts, business managers, foreign investors, and high-tech workers of businesses involved in important projects as determined by the Government of Vietnam, and their family members, …

Do I need a visa to visit Phuket?

All tourists traveling to Phuket and anywhere in Thailand must possess a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond their intended length of stay (Retirement visa requires at least 18 months validity). … Other tourists may be able to apply for a Visa on Arrival, which costs 1,000 baht and is valid for 15 days.

Where does Phuket Airport fly to?

Non-stop flights from Phuket to South-East Asia

EL AL: seasonal flights to Bangkok (BKK). Emirates: seasonal flights to Bangkok (BKK). Etihad Airways: seasonal flights to Bangkok (BKK). Nok Air: year-round to Bangkok (Don Muang) (DMK) and seasonal flights to U-Tapao, Rayong / Pattaya (UTP).

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