You asked: Which part of the Philippines is Tawi Tawi?

Tawi Tawi, island, southwestern Sulu archipelago, Philippines, lying between the Celebes Sea (southeast) and the Sulu Sea (northwest). Tawi Tawi’s westernmost tip is a scant 40 miles (64 km) east of Borneo.

Where in the Philippines is Tawi-Tawi?

It is the main island of Tawi-Tawi Province. Tawitawi has an area of 580.5 square kilometres (224.1 sq mi), making it the 21st largest island of the Philippines, and the 3rd largest island in the Sulu Archipelago (after Basilan and Jolo).

Tawi-Tawi Island.

Population 82,582 (2010)
Pop. density 142.3/km2 (368.6/sq mi)

What is the ethnicity of Tawi-Tawi?

Table 4. Household Population by Ethnicity and Sex: Tawi-Tawi, 2000

Ethnicity Both Sexes Male
Tausug 114,745 56,879
Sama (Samal)/Abaknon 48,988 23,819
Jawa Mapun 18,821 9,274
Badjao, Sama Dilaut 8,113 4,020

What is the meaning of Tawi?

According to a user from Kenya, the name Tawi is of Swahili origin and means “Leaf or branch”.

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