You asked: What does Lao Jiao mean?

What is the meaning of the Chinese word Jiao?

English translation of 叫 ( jiao / jiào ) – to call in Chinese. DICTIONARY.

What is jiao in Hokkien?

Origin: Singlish/Hokkien – the english translation of “Lao Jiao” in hokkien means someone who is experienced and is considered to be a senior at a workplace. Old Bird is used to describe someone who has been at a e.g. a workplace or army for years and is considered to be experienced and a person of seniority.

What does Lelong mean?

Auctions are the process of buying and selling goods or services by offering these goods and services to bid, take bid, and then sell the goods to the highest bidder. In economic theory, the auction may refer to the trading mechanism or regulation in the market.

What is Paiseh?

Remember the last time you got into an embarrassing situation? Here’s the word for it – ‘paiseh’. You can use it as a simple ‘sorry‘, or as an adjective to describe the sheepishness you felt.

What language is Lelong?

Etymology. Borrowed from Portuguese leilão, from Arabic الإِعْلَام‎ (al-ʾiʿlām, “notice, instruction”).

What is a synonym for auction?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for auction, like: sell, , public sale, bankruptcy sale, sale, auction-sale, auctions, for-sale, Sothebys, ebay and mart.

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