Who regulates the press in Singapore?

Singapore’s media environment is considered to be highly controlled by the government, and is dominated by two major players, Mediacorp and Singapore Press Holdings.

Who is responsible for regulating the media?

The Federal Communications Commission regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories.

Is Singapore Press Holdings government owned?

Singapore’s news industry is dominated by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), a corporation created by the merger of two newspaper groups. While not government-owned, it is closely supervised by the political leadership. Its flagship title and de facto national paper is the English-language Straits Times, founded in 1845.

Is there censorship in Singapore?

Over the years, Singapore has moved away from censorship to classification. With only three ratings when the classification system was first introduced in 1991, it has since expanded to six in 2011, with consumer advisories where necessary.

What does the Singapore government censor?

Censorship in Singapore mainly targets political, racial, religious issues and homosexual content as defined by out-of-bounds markers.

What laws do journalists have to follow?

Of course every journalist needs to know about free speech laws! “Journalists Privilege,” also known as the “journalist shield law,” is the right not to be compelled to testify or disclose sources and information in court. Publishing something false and negative about a person could be considered defamation.

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How does the government attempt to regulate the press quizlet?

Government attempts to regulate the content of broadcast media include the equal time rule, right of rebuttal, and the fairness doctrine. … The equal time rule is the requirement that broadcasters provide candidates for the same political office equal opportunities to communicate their messages to the public.

Is Mediacorp owned by government?

State-owned MediaCorp owns and operates all seven free-to-air terrestrial local television channels licensed to broadcast in Singapore, as well as 14 radio channels. Radio and television stations are all government-owned entities.

Who is the owner of Singtel?

Can a 12 year old watch NC16?

The No Children Under 16 (NC16) rating is for films not appropriate for people aged below 16 as the movie could contain more explicit scenes. … But the rating is only an advisory and parents who think their under-13 kids are mature enough can still take them to watch the movie.

Is there freedom of speech in Singapore?

Article 14 of the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore, specifically Article 14(1), guarantees to Singapore citizens the rights to freedom of speech and expression, peaceful assembly without arms, and association.

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