Who is the Under Secretary of Health in the Philippines?

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte has appointed Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) chief Leopoldo Vega as Department of Health (DOH) Undersecretary.

Who is the under secretary of Department of Health?

Usec. Gerardo Vargas Bayugo

July 7, 2016 – present Undersecretary for Office for Technical Services Department of Health, G/F, Building 14, San Lazaro Compound , Rizal Avenue, Sta. Cruz, Manila 1003
April 28, 2003 – May 8, 2006 Director IV, Center for Health Development – Metro Manila

Who is the under secretary of the Philippines?

Office of the President Proper – Directory as of July 5, 2021

Ricardo P. Bernabe III Undersecretary
Kim Raisa O. Uy Assistant Secretary
Sherylene S. Dela Cruz Director IV
Jaime L. Mabilin Director IV

Who are the members of Department of Health?

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  • Secretary of Health. Dr. …
  • Undersecretary of Health/Chief of Staff. LEOPOLDO J. …
  • Undersecretary of Health. DR. …
  • OIC-Undersecretary of Health. DR. …
  • Assistant Secretary of Health. DR. …
  • OIC – Assistant Secretary of Health. MS. …
  • Assistant Secretary and Executive Director. Ms. …
  • Minister of Health – BARMM. BASHARY A.
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What is the purpose of Secretary of Health?

It is responsible for ensuring access to basic public health services to all Filipinos through the provision of quality health care and regulation of providers of health goods and services. Given the mandate, DOH is both a stakeholder in the health sector and a policy and regulatory body for health.

Who is higher secretary or undersecretary?

Undersecretary (or under secretary) is a title for a person who works for and has a lower rank than a secretary (person in charge). It is used in the executive branch of government, with different meanings in different political systems, and is also used in other organizational settings.

Who is the current presidential spokesperson of the Philippines?

The current Presidential Spokesperson is Harry Roque (who succeeded Salvador Panelo) while the Assistant to the Presidential Spokesperson is Atty. Kris Roman of the Duterte administration.

Who is the current chief justice of the Philippines?

Chief Justice of the Philippines

Chief Justice of the Philippines Punong Mahistrado ng Pilipinas
Flag of the Supreme Court
Incumbent Alexander Gesmundo since April 5, 2021
Style The Honorable (formal) Your Honor (when addressed directly in court)
Member of Supreme Court Presidential Electoral Tribunal Judicial and Bar Council

What is the function of Department of Health?

Basically, the DOH has three major roles in the health sector: (1) leadership in health; (2) enabler and capacity builder; and (3) administrator of specific services. Its mandate is to develop national plans, technical standards, and guidelines on health.

How does WHO define Health?

A state of complete physical, mental and social. well-being and not merely the absence of. disease or infirmity”

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