Who is land administrator in Malaysia?

There are two organisations within Peninsular Malaysia responsible for managing and maintaining the land administration system, namely, the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (DSMM) and the District Land Offices which are responsible for the cadastral survey and ownership rights respectively.

What are the duties of land administration?

The Land Administration Specialist is responsible for providing technical support to program implementation in one or more of the following technical areas and other related areas as appropriate: Land Administration law, with the implementation of procedural regulations and the translation of such regulations into

What is land management and administration?

These guidelines define land administration as: “the process of determining, recording and disseminating information about ownership, value and use of land and its associated resources. … Guarantee ownership and secure tenure. Support the land and property tax system. Constitute security for credit systems.

What land administration is concerned with?

Land administration is concerned with three commodities-the ownership, value and use of the land-within the overall con-text of land resource management.

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What is the law governing land in Malaysia?

Malaysia’s Land Law is a Torrens system or land registration system administered under the National Land Code 1965. It includes relevant areas such as Tenancies and Leases, The Transfer and Registration of Property Ownership, Charges and Liens Over Land as Security and The Use and Access of Land.

What is the land administration Act?

The LAA authorises an acquiring authority to acquire, on behalf of the State, all or part of any land, or an interest in any land, by agreement to purchase or by the compulsory taking, for a public work.

What is the difference between land administration and land management?

Land management is therefore the activities associated with land as a resource to achieve, social, environmental and economic sustainable development. … 3 Land Administration is part of the infrastructure that supports good land management.

What are the five essential components of land management?

Sustainable Land-Management Practices. … Societies adapt and change. Knowledge Systems. …Farmer participation is essential. Farmers’ Experiments. …

What are the types of land degradation?

For the purpose of this study, the many and varied processes of land degradation have been grouped into six classes: water erosion, wind erosion, soil fertility decline, salinization, waterlogging, and lowering of the water table.

What is quality of land administration?

Definition: The quality of land administration index assesses five dimensions: reliability of infrastructure, transparency of information, geographic coverage, land dispute resolution, and equal access to property rights… Read More.

Who is land officer?

Lands Officer means and includes all persons permanently or temporarily employed under the provisions of the Public Sector Employment and Management Act 2002, who occupy positions that accommodate professional and technical land management and land information work within the Department.

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What is the relationship between land surveying and land administration?


Such processes include the determination of property rights and other attributes of the land that relate to its value and use, the survey and general description of these, their detailed documentation and the provision of relevant information in support of land markets.

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