Which country imports the most palm oil from Malaysia?

The main destination of Palm Oil exports from Malaysia are: India ($1.99B), China ($906M), Pakistan ($426M), Netherlands ($404M), and Turkey ($329M). The fastest growing export markets for Palm Oil of Malaysia between 2018 and 2019 were India ($769M), China ($220M), and Nigeria ($102M).

Which country imports the most palm oil?

Searchable List of Palm Oil Importers in 2020

Rank Importer Palm Oil Imports (US$)
1. India $5,119,263,000
2. China $4,123,222,000
3. Pakistan $2,109,310,000
4. Netherlands $1,858,860,000

Where does Malaysia export oil to?

The main destination of Crude Petroleum exports from Malaysia are: Australia ($1.94B), India ($1.63B), Thailand ($1.5B), Singapore ($1.05B), and China ($461M). The fastest growing export markets for Crude Petroleum of Malaysia between 2018 and 2019 were Saudi Arabia ($24.5M), Vietnam ($8.92M), and Brunei ($215k).

Where is palm oil imported from?

More than 90 percent of U.S. palm oil imports currently come from Malaysia.

What is Malaysia’s biggest export?

Malaysia’s main exports are: electrical and electronics products (36 percent), chemicals (7.1 percent), petroleum products (7.0 percent), liquefied natural gas (6 percent), and palm oil (5.1 percent).

Who is Malaysia’s biggest oil importer?

Australia was the biggest importer of crude petroleum from Malaysia with a share of 31.4 per cent. This was followed by India (18.8 per cent), Thailand (16.6 per cent) and Japan (7.5 per cent), as shown in Chart 3.

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Does Malaysia export palm oil?


In 2020, Malaysia accounted for 25.8% and 34.3% of world’s palm oil production and exports, respectively.

Is India imports palm oil from Malaysia?

India – the world’s largest importer of vegetable oil – bought 1.68 million mt of crude palm oil from Malaysia and 1.29 million mt of CPO from Indonesia between November 2020 and March 2021, data released by the Solvent Extractors Association of India (SEAI) on April 14 showed.

Is India still buying palm oil from Malaysia?

Indian buyers have resumed purchases of Malaysian palm oil amid improving ties between the two nations. AFP A restart to buying by India, the world’s biggest edible oil importer, could further support Malaysian palm oil prices , which have edged up from 10-month lows in recent days.

Can we import palm oil?

According to a notification of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), “import policy” of refined bleached deodorised palm oil, and refined bleached deodorised palmolein “is amended from restricted to free with immediate effect and for a period up to December 31, 2021“.

Does the US import palm oil?

In 2020, the U.S. imported around 3.2 billion pounds of palm oil, up from 2.16 billion pounds in 2010. …

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