Where can I buy authentic kimchi in Singapore?

Why kimchi is bad for you?

The bacteria used to ferment kimchi are safe to consume. However, if kimchi is not properly prepared or stored, the fermentation process can cause food poisoning. As a result, people with compromised immune systems should take caution when eating kimchi or other fermented foods.

What is kimchi called in English?

The Korean term “Kimchi” refers to fermented vegetables, and encompasses salt and seasoned vegetables. It is mainly served as a side dish with every meal, but also can be served as a main dish. Kimchi is mainly recognized as a spicy fermented cabbage dish globally.

Is it cheaper to make your own kimchi?

onehaehyuk wrote: It’d definitely be cheaper to make your own (you can go to a korean grocery store and buy a huge box of cabbage to make enough kimchi to last you for weeks!) but it’s quite a bit of time and effort to make it.

Is Bibigo kimchi healthy?

bibigo recreates the best and the healthiest offering of kimchi with proper ingredients that respect the flavors of nature. Pure sea salt ensures the crisp texture of kimchi, while quality chili powder and natural ingredients bring the richness of nature to the table. …

Does Giant carry kimchi?

Kimchi at Giant Food Stores – Instacart.

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