What were the conditions like in the Thai Burma Railway?

The living and working conditions on the railway were horrific. Prisoners were already in a poor state as a result of the nightmare voyage from Singapore. At the camps, there were shortages of food and medical supplies and the treatment of the Japanese guards was vicious and brutal.

What were the conditions like for POWs?

Forced to carry out slave labour on a starvation diet and in a hostile environment, many died of malnutrition or disease. Sadistic punishments were handed out for the most minor breach of camp rules. Most prisoners of war (POWs) existed on a very poor diet of rice and vegetables, which led to severe malnutrition.

How many British soldiers died building the Burma railway?

More than 180,000 Asian civilian labourers and 60,000 Allied prisoners of war worked on the railway. About 90,000 civilians and 12,621 Allied POWs died during the construction, includeing 6,904 British, 2,802 Australians, 2,782 Dutch, and 133 Americans.

What was the worst POW camp?

A soldiers’ cemetery near the camp holds at least 1,430 dead Soviet POWs, who were treated much worse than soldiers of other nations.

Stalag IX-B
Coordinates 50.21009°N 9.39789°E
Type Prisoner-of-war camp
Site information
Controlled by Nazi Germany

What did prisoners of war eat?

The inventive POW cooks made meals of fried spam on bread, toast with prune spread and hot chocolate made from chocolate that arrived in the parcels for Sunday breakfast. Sunday lunch would be toast smeared with pate, goon soup and coffee.

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