What is Vietnamese lacquerware?

For centuries, Vietnamese artisans have been using lacquer to create objects of beauty, prized for their sheen and vivid colour. Lacquerware refers to items coated with lacquer, a resin that traditionally comes from the lacquer tree (the cây sơn variant in Vietnam).

What is the characteristics of lacquerware in Vietnam?

Natural beauty combined with the high durability is the main characteristics of each Vietnamese lacquerware. The lacquerware, if with proper care, will retain its beauty for many years.

What is lacquered surface?

Lacquer is a type of quick-drying, solvent-based finish which has been often used on wooden objects. Lacquer provides the extremely intense gloss finish because it contains a solution of shellac in alcohol that creates a synthetic coating.

What do you mean by lacquer?

lacquer. / (ˈlækə) / noun. a hard glossy coating made by dissolving cellulose derivatives or natural resins in a volatile solvent. a black resinous substance, obtained from certain trees, used to give a hard glossy finish to wooden furniture.

Silk Painting is the answer.

What are the characteristics of Vietnamese art?

Under Chinese rule, Vietnamese artists began to practice calligraphy, painting, and poetry, and created works out of porcelain, lacquer and terracotta. Poetry-inspired paintings largely depicted landscapes, birds, and mountains, and usually incorporated calligraphy – all hallmarks of ancient Chinese works.

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What is the most durable kitchen cabinet finish?

But if having kitchen cabinets that are long-lasting and durable, we’d suggest opting for a gloss finish. Even though both satin and semi-gloss finishes are both durable, both have minor disadvantages that gloss does not have.

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