What is the police phone number in Thailand?

Useful Numbers in Bangkok Tel No.
Tourist Police (+66) 2308-0333, Hotline 1155
Pathumwan Police Station (Nearest) (+66) 2214-1046
Immigration (+66) 2287-3101
Tourist Assistance 1337 ext. 9

What is the 911 number in Thailand?

Emergency numbers

They include 911 or 191 for emergencies, fire, or unwanted intruding animals; 1699 or 1669 (or 1646 or 1554 in Bangkok) for medical emergencies; tourist police, 1155; car theft, 1192; a taxi refusing a trip, 1584; road accidents, 1146.

How do you call emergency in Thailand?

Emergency numbers and other useful contacts in Thailand

  1. Police – 191. Public Ambulance (Everywhere) – 1669. …
  2. Tourist Police – 1155. This hotline is available 24 hours a day and they will all speak English. …
  3. Highway Police – 1193. …
  4. Private Ambulance (Bangkok) – 1724 or 1719. …
  5. Telephone Directory Assistance – 1133.

How do you call the police in Bangkok?

Local Emergency Numbers: Tourist Police: 1155. Thailand Emergency Services (Fire, Ambulance): 191.

What is the emergency number in Philippines?

National Emergency Hotline in the Philippines : 911. Philippine National Police Hotline: 117 or (02) 8722-0650. Philippine Red Cross: 143 or (02) 8527-8385 to 95. Bureau of Fire Protection: (02) 8426-0219 or (02) 8426-3812.

Are there ambulances in Thailand?

As a foreigner in Thailand, do you know what to do? Initially, the first thing to do is to summon first responders by calling the emergency ambulance service. In the capital, Bangkok, there is a dedicated medical emergency number, the number to call is: 1646.

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What happens if you dial 112 by mistake?

When 911 calls or indeed 112 and 999 emergency calls are made and not completed, dispatchers will go on alert. They’re going to try and confirm the situation by calling back. If your line is busy or you fail to answer, there is a good chance that your situation will be considered a 112, 999, or 911 emergency.

What happens if you call 112?

However, dialing 1-1-2 will direct you to 9-1-1. PROCESS: A post is making its way on social media claiming that if you’re pulled over by a police officer who you might suspect is an imposter, you can dial 1-1-2 to let police know you’re not pulling over until you get to a safe place.

Why does the US use 911 instead of 999?

AT&T chose the number 9-1-1, which was simple, easy to remember, dialed easily (which, with the rotary dial phones in place at the time, 999 would not), and because of the middle 1, which indicating a special number (see also 4-1-1 and 6-1-1), worked well with the phone systems at the time.

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