What is the musical scale of Indonesia?

What do you call the two types of Indonesian music scale?

Scales. There are two different scale systems used in Balinese gamelan: slendro and pelog. It is important to note that these are not scales with specific pitches, or even categories of scales (such as major or minor) that have specific interval relationships.

What is G in gamelan?

Xylophone-type instruments with bronze keys. form the backbone of the Balinese gamelan. Two distinct types are. used-the gangsa, in which the keys rest above a wooden resonance. box, and the g’nddr, in which the keys are suspended above tuned.

What are the two types of gamelan?

There are two different scale systems used in Balinese gamelan: slendro and pelog.

Is pelog pentatonic?

Laras pelog and laras slendro is often called the pentatonic scale, 5-tone system.

What are the most famous gamelan?

The 10 Essential Gamelan Albums

  1. Çudamani. The Seven-Tone Gamelan Orchestra from the Village of Pengosekan, Bali (Vital Records, 2002) …
  2. Gamelan Orchestra of the Yogyakarta Royal Palace. …
  3. Idjah Hadidjah. …
  4. I Wayan Loceng, I Wayan Sarga, I Ketut Balik and I Ketut Sukayana. …
  5. STSI Denpasar. …
  6. STSI Ensemble. …
  7. Various Artists. …
  8. Various.

Why stepping above the gamelan instruments are considered disrespectful?

The first rule is due to the spiritual identity of the instruments. By stepping over them, you are disrespecting their spiritual identity. If you do step over an instrument, you must immediately apologize to it.

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What gamelan uses pentatonic and Heptatonic scale?

The Javanese Gamelan. The instruments of the Gamelan are tuned following two different scales : the slendro, a pentatonic scale, the pelog, an heptatonic scale.

What country has two basic kinds of music scale?

NDONESIA There Are Two Basic Kinds of Indonesian Music Scale.

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