What is the Filipino of candy?

Is Potchi a Filipino candy?

(Misspelling: Pochi) Potchi is the name of a popular line of gummi candies from the Columbia Candy Company of the Philippines. The most widely enjoyed variant is Strawberry Cream.

What does Pochi mean?

“Pochi” is a generic name for a dog in Japan just like the English stereotypical dog names “Spot” or “Rover”. … One is that a French missionary said the word “petit” (little or cute). Japanese people misunderstood that it was the name of his dog and made the leap to the name “Poti/Pochi”.

Where is Pochi made?

Manufactured by Columbia International Food Products in Navotas City, Philippines.

What is Pochi made of?

Traditional Japanese healthy soft candy which is a mixture of soybean flour, maltose and brown sugar.

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