What is the emergence period of Philippine literature?

The years 1935 to 1945 saw the emergence of a significant trend in Philippine literature in English. Jose M. Hernandez describes this period as a time of self-discovery and of rapid growth.

What is the meaning of period of emergence?

The period of emergence is the time of self-discovery and growth among writers to create a literature of nationalistic appeal though English language has been a trending literary medium in these times.

What are the 4 periods of Philippine literature?


  • I. PRE-COLONIAL PERIOD (–BC to 1564) A. …
  • IV. AMERICAN COLONIAL PERIOD (1910 – 1945) A. …
  • V. JAPANESE OCCUPATION (1942 – 1960) A. …

What are the five periods of Philippine literature?

According to Mariñas (1974) Philippine Literature in Spanish can be divided into 5 stages of development namely:

  • Works of Spanish Religious About the Philippines (1593–1800)
  • Formative Stage (1800–1900)
  • Nationalist Stage (1883–1903)
  • The Golden Age (1903–1966)
  • Modern Works (1966–present)

What is the importance of period of emergence in the Philippines?

The period of emergence saw a shift from romantic idealism to romantic realism. This realism reached a climax in the stories of Manuel E. Arguilla, N. V. M. Gonzalez, and Nick Joaquin who wrote effective portrayals of Filipino life evocative of rustic scenes, rising artistic value and significance.

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What is the period of apprenticeship in Philippine literature?

The period of 1910 to 1935 is generally called the period of apprenticeship or imitation. Virginia R. Moreno, in her “A Critical Study of the Shorty Story in English Written by Filipinos,” describes the years 1910-1925 “as a period of novices with their exercises in fiction-making and the rise of the new language.”

What is the purpose of Philippine literature?

Studying Philippine literature is so important because it portrays as a living language. Philippine literature introduces real life situations within the experiential background of the youth to the featured literary pieces. This is bringing us into such issues as environmental awareness, peace education and others.

What are the 3 general divisions of Philippine literature?

What are the three general divisions of philippine literature?

  • Poetry – written in stanzas and verse form.
  • Prose – written paragraph form. …
  • Oral Lore (ancient writings) and Pre-Colonial Era.
  • During Colonialism.
  • Under the Philippine Republic and Contemporary Era.

What are the 7 literary periods?

Periods of American Literature

  • The Colonial and Early National Period (17th century to 1830) …
  • The Romantic Period (1830 to 1870) …
  • Realism and Naturalism (1870 to 1910) …
  • The Modernist Period (1910 to 1945) …
  • The Contemporary Period (1945 to present)
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