What is the easiest valid ID to get Philippines?

Postal ID, NBI Clearance, UMID, and Passport are four of the easiest valid IDs to acquire. The requirements are not as many as compared to other government IDs in the Philippines.

What is the fastest valid ID in Philippines?

The Postal ID is the easiest valid ID to apply for because anyone can get it. Plus, the process is quick, and you probably already have the requirements. You can use the ID for three years.

What ID do I need to get first in the Philippines?

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) or NSO Birth Certificate – Primary ID. By default you already have one valid identification document: your Birth Certificate. The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), formerly known as the National Statistics Office (NSO), is the only agency that distributes this.

What are valid forms of ID in the Philippines?


  • Driver’s License (or its variants including Conductor’s license, Student permit, Temporary permit (when driver’s license is not yet available))
  • Philippine passport.
  • National Professional ID Card.
  • Unified Multipurpose ID (UMID)
  • Postal ID.
  • Voter’s (COMELEC) ID Card.
  • Social Security System (SSS)
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Can I go to NBI without appointment?

NBI only accommodates applicants with a valid online appointment. Any person applying for an NBI clearance must secure an online appointment first or they won’t be accommodated. Unless you’re applying from abroad, you can’t get an NBI clearance in the Philippines without a personal appearance.

How do I get a Philippine ID?

Eligible registrants must bring any of the following primary documents:

  1. DFA-issued Philippine Passport or ePassport.
  2. GSIS or SSS-issued Unified Multi-purpose Identification Card (UMID)
  3. Land Transportation Office (LTO)-issued Student’s License Permit or Non-Professional/Professional Driver’s License.

How much is the Postal ID in Philippines?

The postal ID fee is PHP 504 (inclusive of delivery fee and 12% VAT). For rush processing, the postal ID costs PHP 650.

Is NBI clearance needed for Passport application?

Applicants are requested to present NBI or police clearance along with the Voter’s Certificate).

Is NBI clearance a valid ID?

Postal ID, NBI Clearance, UMID, and Passport are four of the easiest valid IDs to acquire.

What is considered a form of ID?

Acceptable valid identification includes: passport (an international passport is acceptable if it includes the name, date of birth, photo and signature of the applicant and is accompanied by a professionally translated version if not in French or English) driver’s license. enhanced driver’s license.

What happens if you don’t have valid ID for passport?

I ONLY HAVE ONE (1) / I DON’T HAVE ANY OF THE MENTIONED VALID IDENTIFICATION CARDS? You may use a valid POSTAL ID, COMPANY ID, or SCHOOL ID as an alternative; however, it must be supported by at least two (2) or three (3) of the following documents: Voter’s Affidavit from Comelec – Intramuros.

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What is the fastest government ID to get?

Here’s a list of the easiest government IDs to get, and how to apply for them online:

  • Postal ID. The Philippine Postal ID is one of the fastest to get and is widely accepted. …
  • Passport. …
  • SSS ID. …
  • NBI Clearance.

Is Pag-Ibig loyalty card a valid ID?

2. Your Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card Plus is not a government-issued I.D., but may be used in all Pag-IBIG Fund transactions.

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