What is the chief product of the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia that is used by human traffickers?

The “Golden Triangle” region of Southeast Asia has become the center of a thriving opium economy and a crucial source of narcotics for the world.

What is the chief product of the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia?

The chief product of the “Golden Triangle” of Southeast Asia is gold.

What is the main agricultural product of the golden triangle?

The CEO of RMA Cambodia, the Cambodia dealer for the world’s largest agricultural equipment company, John Deere, says three main elements that will revolutionise Cambodia’s agriculture industry: mechanisation, irrigation and fertilisers.

What product has been grown in the Golden Triangle region of northern mountainous Southeast Asia?

The Golden Triangle region in Southeast Asia, which comprises parts of Lao PDR, Myanmar and Thailand, was once notorious for its high opium production.

What is the Golden Triangle for drugs?

Abstract : The Golden Triangle is the name given to the area of mainland Southeast Asia where most of the world’s illicit opium has originated since the early 1950s and until 1990, before Afghanistan’s opium production surpassed that of Burma.

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What is the Army Golden Triangle?

The golden triangle refers to the three points of support to a Soldier: their squad, family, and friends. After Phantom Action Week comes the Leader Book Compilation, where participants complete a book on subordinate leaders and Soldiers, and then the leader certification program which runs into mid-November.

What is the meaning of Golden Triangle?

noun. the Golden Triangle an opium-producing area of SE Asia, comprising parts of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. any more or less triangular area or region noted for its success, prosperity, influence, etc. maths a triangle which has two 72-degree angles and one 36-degree angle.

What crop is most commonly found on plantations in Southeast Asia?

Asia is noted for several plantation cash crops, of which the most important are tea, rubber, palm oil, coconuts, and sugarcane.

What is the most common crop in the lowlands of mainland Southeast Asia?

On mainland Southeast Asia, rubber is the most common crop in the lowlands.

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