What happened to the elephants in Thailand?

After 14 months without income from tourism, and COVID cases rising, Thailand’s captive elephants face prolonged peril. … Some camps rent their elephants from individual owners and now, unable to afford the costs of keeping them on, have had to send the animals and their caretakers, or mahouts, away.

Why are elephants in Thailand endangered?

Habitat Destruction

Habitat loss continues to threaten the elephant population, with the most pressure coming from human population growth. Although logging is illegal in Thailand, it still continues . As our population continues to grow, humans continue to deforest and pressure the elephant population.

How many elephant are left in Thailand?

In Thailand there is an estimated 3,000-4,000 elephants. Around half of this number are domesticated, the remainder living wild in National Parks Reserves. Some 300 are suffer under appalling conditions in Bangkok.

What is elephant called in Thai?

The Thai elephant (Thai: ช้างไทย, chang Thai) is the official national animal of Thailand. The elephant found in Thailand is the Indian elephant (Elephas maximus indicus), a subspecies of the Asian elephant.

What does elephant symbolize in Thailand?

Thai culture celebrates the elephant as a symbol of fortune. The superstitious will pay money to pass underneath the beast’s body in the hopes of gaining the animal’s luck. Besides being superstitious, one must also be brave as elephants are the largest land animals in existence today.

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Are elephant sanctuaries cruel?

When not in the camp they are being used for riding, trekking and shows elsewhere. There have also been multiple reports of cruel behaviour at the hands of the people looking after them as well as of grown adults sitting on baby elephants for photo opportunities.

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