What GMT is Jakarta?

Time Zone Asia/ Jakarta
Universal Time Coordinated GMT / UTC UTC+7
Daylight Saving Time DST Time Change: In this time zone there is no Daylight Saving Time in use.

Where is GMT +7?

GMT+7 is 7 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The GMT/UTC+7 hours offset is shared by several countries countries in Asia. None of them uses Dayligt Saving Time. The time zone offset called for Cambodia, Lao, Thailand and Vietnam is also known as Indochina Time or ICT.

Is Singapore in GMT?

Singapore Standard Time is eight hours ahead of GMT (GMT +8). … If you look closely, the geographical location of Singapore lies somewhere in the GMT+7 zone.

Does Indonesia have one timezone?

As a massive archipelago, it is understandable that Indonesia has different time zones in its territory. There is the Indonesia Western Standard Time (WIB), Indonesia Central Standard Time (WITA), and Indonesia Eastern Standard Time (WIT).

What country is GMT?

Countries in Greenwich Mean Time

Country Region Standardtime
Guinea countrywide GMT
Guinea-Bissau countrywide GMT
Iceland countrywide GMT
Isle of Man countrywide GMT

What is my timezone GMT?

GMT/UTC offset, state by state

State Standard DST
Alabama (AL) GMT-6 GMT5
Alaska (AK) GMT-9 GMT-8
Alaska (AK)(Aleutian Islands) GMT-10 NA
Arizona (AZ) GMT-7 NA
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What cities are GMT?

Time zone GMT-8

  • Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands (Pitcairn Islands)
  • Afognak, Alaska (United States)
  • Aguikchuk, Alaska (United States)
  • Akhiok, Alaska (United States)
  • Akiachak, Alaska (United States)
  • Akiak, Alaska (United States)
  • Akulurak, Alaska (United States)
  • Akumsuk, Alaska (United States)

What time is UTC +2 right now?

Current time in UTC/GMT-2 time zone is 19:15:12.

What is UTC +7 time?

Current time in UTC/GMT-7 time zone is 00:39:47. UTC-07 time is 7 hours behind from the UTC time (Universal Time).

What time is UTC 5 right now?

Current time in UTC/GMT-5 time zone is 15:49:25. UTC-05 time is 5 hours behind from the UTC time (Universal Time).

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