What does Kuy mean in Indonesia?

‘Yuk’ (and ‘Kuy’, which is simply flipping the word, just for fun) is the short-term for ‘Ayo’, which is the Indonesian word for ‘let’s go’.

What SKUY means?

Skuy (Yuk) = Let’s go.

Why do Indonesian say Wkwkwk?

Indonesian people, usually young people, often use or type ‘wkwkwk’ as the substitution for laughing expressions in online media. … The word ‘wkwkwk’ basically has the same meaning as ‘laugh of loud (lol)’ overseas or ‘hahaha’.

Does Bobo mean sleep?

bobo/bobok is sleep. use in a very casual conversation, not for formal use. it use when you’re really close with the person you’re talking to.

How is Wkwkwk pronounced?

It pronounce as ‘wekwekwek‘.

Why do people say WWWW?

The use of wwww to represent laughing comes from the Japanese wara (笑), “to laugh.” With the rise of text-messaging and the internet in the 1990s–2000s, Japanese users adapted the kanji 笑 to denote laughter, similar to LOL. People eventually found it easier, though, to use the letter w, from the romaji of 笑, wara.

What does Wakakaka mean?

This is a Dari phrase that means “I am laughing“. … Both the original and the new variant are derived from the sound of Donald Duck laughing, something like “Wakakaka”.

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