What are the two sources of law in Cambodia?

Primary sources include the formal laws issued by State authorities. International law is also an integral source of Cambodian law: so the word ‘law’ in Cambodia can mean both domestic and international law. Secondary sources include customs, traditions, doctrine and judicial decisions.

What are the sources of law in Cambodia?

As in other countries with a continental legal system, legislation is the primary source of law in Cambodia. Other sources of law include the Constitution, custom, government decrees and regulations adopted under UNTAC, and human rights conventions ratified by Cambodia.

Which of the following laws is considered as the supreme law of Cambodia?

The Constitution is the supreme law of the Kingdom of Cambodia. All laws and decisions made by State institutions must be in strict conformity with its provisions (Article 150 of the Constitution).

How does international law become national law in Cambodia?

According to a 2007 decision of the Constitutional Council, international law is considered a source of Cambodian law. All international treaties and conventions can become Cambodian law after a vote of approval by the National Assembly and the Senate and signature and ratification by the King.

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What are the hierarchy of law in Cambodia?

The hierarchy of law in Cambodia is as follows starting from the highest level to the lowest level of legal force. The Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia (the “Constitution”) is the supreme law in Cambodia. All laws, legal documents and state body decisions must adhere to it.

What are the laws of Cambodia?

The Cambodian legal system is based largely on the French civil system, and is statute based. The Constitution is the Supreme Law. The legal system has evolved from unwritten customary law, prevalent during Angkorian times, to statutory law, under the French colonisation from 1863 to 1953 and up until 1975.

How many types of courts are there in Cambodia?

The arrival of the UNTAC in 1992 brought fundamental changes to the court system in Cambodia. The Appellate Court was created, resulting in a three – tierd court system: – the Municipal and Provincial Court (jurisdiction of first instance) – the Appellate Court and – the Supreme Court.

What is Cambodia motto?

“Nation, Religion, King”

Where did the word Cambodia come from?

Culture Trip explores how Cambodia got its name. The word ‘Kampuchea’ is derived from the Sanskrit Kambujadeśa, or Kambuja – an early tribe from northern India who oversaw huge parts of Southeast Asia ahead of the formation of the Khmer Empire.

Is Cambodia monist or dualist?

Unlike those of U.S or Japan, Cambodian constitution is hedging on whether its legal system is monism or dualism. Its system is mixed among the two. On human rights matters, Cambodia legal system tends to opt monism. Other matters are seen to be a dualism.

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Is Cambodia a dualism or monism?

It is correct to say that the Cambodian legal system is dualist in its treatment of treaty law. If it is to be seen as monist, it is a conditional type of monism in the theoretical sense that incorporated treaties or provisions thereof could possibly be directly applied.

What are the classification of law?

The following are the major classifications of law: Public and Private Law. Civil Law and Criminal Law. Substantive and Procedural Law.

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