What are the gender roles in Cambodia?

In Cambodia, gender norms remain heavily rooted in society, creating inequality between men and women and depriving women of their basic rights. Empowering girls to exercise their rights is critical to reducing poverty and advancing development.

How many boys and girls are in Cambodia?

Cambodia Population clock (live)

17,034,672 Current population
8,338,766 Current male population (49.0%)
8,695,907 Current female population (51.0%)
244,555 Births year to date
803 Births today

What is the reason for gender inequality in Cambodia?

Customs, belief, social norm and code of women reinforce discrimination against women and thus strengthen their subordination to men. in the mindset of Cambodian citizens is deep-rooted.

Is gender equality a human right?

Gender equality is at the very heart of human rights and United Nations values. Equality and non-discrimination are fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter, adopted by world leaders in 1945.

Is there a king of Cambodia?

Is Cambodia a patriarchal society?

Cambodian society remains largely patriarchal and hierarchical, with strong traditional norms that assign higher status to men and marginalize women who are not married.

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