What are the different regular courts in the Philippines and its function?

What are the different regular courts in the Philippines?

The First Level Courts

Each city and municipality in the Philippines has its own trial court. These First Level Courts are more commonly referred to as Metropolitan Trial Courts (MeTC), Municipal Trial Courts in Cities (MTCC), Municipal Trial Court (MTC), and Municipal Circuit Trial Courts (MCTC).

What are the different courts in the Philippines regular courts and special courts?

Outside of the regular court systems, special courts have been set up to deal with particular cases. These include the Court of Tax Appeals and the Sandiganbayan, which are considered equivalent to the Court of Appeals. In some parts of the country, Sharia courts have been established.

How many courts are there in the Philippines?

There are five Shari’a District Courts and fifty one Shari’a Circuit Courts in existence.

What are the different functions of the court?

Courts exist to do justice, to guarantee liberty, to enhance social order, to resolve disputes, to maintain rule of law, to provide for equal protection, and to ensure due process of law.

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What are the three kinds of courts in the Philippines?

The following are the regular courts in the Philippines:

  • Supreme Court.
  • Court of Appeals.
  • Regional Trial Courts.
  • Metropolitan Trial Courts.
  • Municipal Trial Courts in Cities.
  • Municipal Trial Courts.
  • Municipal Circuit Trial Courts.

What are the 3 levels of courts?

Three levels of court

  • Court of First Instance (federal and local)
  • Court of Appeal (federal and local)
  • Federal Supreme Court (at the federal level) and the Court of Cassation at the local level of the emirates which have independent judicial departments.

What are the types of special courts?

At the state level, these courts have many different titles, including district court, trial court, county court, circuit court, municipal court, and superior court. Appellate courts of general jurisdiction review the decisions of inferior courts and are typically called either courts of appeal or supreme courts.

What job has the highest salary Philippines?

DOLE reveals the top 10 highest paying jobs in the Philippines

1 Art Director P69,286
2 Geologist P64,889
3 Aircraft Pilot / Navigator / Flight Engineer P57,789
4 Mining Engineer / Metallurgical Engineer P55,638
5 Computer Programmer P43,573

Why is the Philippine court divided into two?

​ … it is divided into review courts and trial courts, because each of the courts specialized to deal with certain types of cases. And so, each courts can focus onto their different functions, scope and range of cases.

What do you call the highest court in the Philippines?

The Supreme Court (Filipino: Kataas-taasang Hukuman; colloquially referred to as the Korte Suprema) is the highest court in the Philippines.

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