Should I get Muay Thai shorts?

Muay Thai shorts are designed to give Muay Thai fighters the maximum amount of air flow so that when they are training they can cool off faster. Another reason why the shorts are short is because Thai Boxers like to expose their leg muscles when they are throwing kicks.

Should I wear Muay Thai shorts?

The short answer here is no, but that’s not always the case. If you’re training in a casual environment, then there’s absolutely no obligation to wear Muay Thai shorts. … Muay Thai shorts are designed primarily for functionality, and there is no authentic ranking system of any kind in the sport.

What is special about Muay Thai shorts?

Muay Thai shorts are essential for training and competition because they’re short and allow freedom of leg movement so that those kicks can be higher. They are not just for comfort but also provide the style and the feel of the sport because they have a distinct style, unlike other shorts that you may see.

Do Muay Thai fighters shave their legs?

Yes, leg shaving (or nairing/waxing) is popular among male and female Nak Muays. Some say it is to prevent hair stubble from grating against a sparring partner’s skin, causing a rash. Others say hair-free skin is easier to bandage in case of cuts or wounds. Expect lots of conditioning.

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How short should your Muay Thai shorts be?

Muay thai shorts are generally short. the waist is elasticated and the legs are wide and short. the waist band is flexible: a margin of error of +/- 3cm in your waist measurement will not impact a perfect fit.

How tight should Muay Thai shorts be?

Muay Thai shorts are typically designed to fit snug on the waist and baggy on the legs. If you are able to find a brand that fits, stick to the brand. Otherwise, there are 2 ways to getting the pair that fits and looks right: #1 Get a size that fits comfortably on your waist.

What size Muay Thai shorts should I buy?

Selecting size by considering you like to ware it loose or tight. Sizes of Muay Thai shorts vary among brands and styles.

Size Guide for Muay Thai products.

SIAMTOPS Muay Thai shorts
Size Waist (to fit) L
L 29 up to 34 16
XL (LL) 32 up to 37 17
XXL (3L) 35 up to 40 18

Can you wear Muay Thai shorts in MMA?

While traditional Muay Thai shorts are most suited for Muay Thai training, MMA board shorts are a welcome alternative with modern good looks, great comfort and excellent mobility.

Where does Wiz Khalifa train Muay Thai?

Then I started going to Unbreakable, which is a gym in L.A. That’s where I became a muay thai [fighter]…that’s when my mind changed to like, “OK, this is what I want to do.” I like the conditioning. I like the stand-up aspect of it. I like the footwork.

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