Quick Answer: Why did the US aid the French rather than the Viet Minh?

Why did the US aid the French? After Ho Chi Minh declared Vietnams independence from Japan in 1945, French troops returned to Vietnam in hopes of reclaiming its former colony. … Although the US opposed colonialism, they decided to aid the French so that Vietnam did not fall to communism like the rest of Asia.

Why did the US support France instead of Vietnam?

The United States supported France in Vietnam because it did not want Vietnam to become a communist country.

Why did the United States ultimately decide to support the French rather than Ho Chi Minh forces in the Indochina War?

Why did the United States ultimately decide to support the French rather than Ho Chi Minh’s forces in the Indochina War? The U.S. wanted to stop the spread of communism in Asia. Ho Chi Minh’s military doctrine hinged on fighting only when victory was assured, which meant never fighting on his opponents’ terms.

Why did the US support France in the First Indochina War?

The Vietnamese rebels were also allowed to use southern China as a staging point for attacks into northern Vietnam. The United States of America wanted to support nationalists, or the people who fight for the right to self-govern and to be free from foreign colonizers.

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How did the US support the French in Vietnam?

September 1950 — Truman sends the Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) Indochina to Vietnam to assist the French. The President claimed they were not sent as combat troops, but to supervise the use of $10 million worth of U.S. military equipment to support the French in their effort to fight the Viet Minh forces.

How did the US get involved in Vietnam?

The North Vietnamese attacked the US Navy in the Gulf of Tonkin. This incident gave the USA the excuse it needed to escalate the war. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution – US Congress gave President Lyndon Johnson permission to wage war on North Vietnam. The first major contingent of US Marines arrived in 1965.

What was the main reason for the Vietnam War?

At the heart of the conflict was the desire of North Vietnam, which had defeated the French colonial administration of Vietnam in 1954, to unify the entire country under a single communist regime modeled after those of the Soviet Union and China.

Is Vietnam still communist?

Government of Vietnam

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a one-party state. A new state constitution was approved in April 1992, replacing the 1975 version. The central role of the Communist Party was reasserted in all organs of government, politics and society.

Why did the US get involved in Indochina War?

The neighboring countries of Thailand and Burma could be expected to fall under Communist domination if Indochina were controlled by a Communist-dominated government. The balance of Southeast Asia would then be in grave hazard. … Accordingly, the United States intensified and enlarged its programs of aid in Indochina.

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