Quick Answer: What are the ten most populous provinces in the Philippines?

Rank Province Population
1 Pangasinan 2,434,086
2 Cebu* 2,377,588
3 Bulacan 2,234,088
4 Negros Occidental* 2,136,647

What are the largest provinces in the Philippines?

In terms of areas or size, here are the top ten provinces from largest to the least large: Palawan, 17,030.75 square kilometers; Isabela, 12,414.93 sqm; Bukidnon, 12,498.59 sqm; Agusan del Sur, 9,989.52 sqm; Cagayan, 9,295.75 sqm; Quezon, 9,069.60 sqm; Cotabato, 9,008.90 sqm; Negros Occidental, 7,965.21 sqm; Zamboanga …

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