Question: What time will it be in Cambodia?

Current Local Time in Locations in Cambodia with Links for More Information (7 Locations)
Kampong Chhnang Sat 6:14 am
Kratié Sat 6:14 am
Phnom Penh Sat 6:14 am
Siem Reap Sat 6:14 am

Does Cambodia have Daylight Savings Time?

Cambodia currently observes Indochina Time (ICT) all year. … Clocks do not change in Cambodia. There is no previous DST change in Cambodia.

What can you not eat in Cambodia?

Generally, try to avoid fresh salads or raw vegetables as they may be washed with contaminated water and avoid eating raw shellfish, raw crab and cold cooked meats. Across Cambodia, regardless of where you are staying, you are best to stick to bottled water, even for brushing your teeth.

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