Is wheat grown in Indonesia?

Maize is an introduced grain crop, but has been in Indonesia for several centuries. Wheat is a foreign grain in Indonesia. It is imported to Indonesia in large quantities and is well known as a food but virtually unknown as a crop in Indonesia, except in experimental agricultural research.

What region is wheat grown in?

Wheat Belt, the part of the North American Great Plains where wheat is the dominant crop. The belt extends along a north-south axis for more than 1,500 miles (2,400 km) from central Alberta, Can., to central Texas, U.S. It is subdivided into winter wheat and spring wheat areas.

Where is the most wheat grown?

Leading wheat producing U.S. states in 2019 and 2020 (in 1,000 bushels)

Characteristic 2019 2020
North Dakota 321,185 312,782
Kansas 348,400 281,250
Montana 217,725 227,345
Washington 143,205 165,635

Does Indonesia grow barley?

In 2018, barley for food for Indonesia was 0 thousand tonnes. Barley for food of Indonesia increased from 0 thousand tonnes in 1969 to 0 thousand tonnes in 2018 growing at an average annual rate of 100.00%.

What is the number 1 crop in the world?

1. Corn. The rundown: Corn is the most produced grain in the world.

Is growing wheat profitable?

Break-even prices are $3.25 per bushel for corn, $8.66 per bushel for full-season soybeans and $9.29 per bushel for second-year soybeans. … In contrast, wheat had a return of $20 per acre and double-crop soybeans had a return of $99 per acre.

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