Is Thai green mango sour?

The green mango is basically unripe mango. Green mango can be sour or nutty and sweet depending on the variety. The sour ones are used in the place of lime or in combination with lime in Thai dishes.

What is the taste of a green mango?

Unripe mango is sour in taste because of the Page 4 presence of oxalic, citric, and succinic acids. The raw mango is an excellent source of Vitamin B complex & Vitamin C, which is comparatively more than in ripe mangoes. Raw mango is also rich source of pectin.

Which Thai mango is best?

Most Thais are familiar with the sweet and juicy nam dok mai mangoes (the most popular variety, known internationally and sold year-round), but aficionados of the fruit typically prefer the pale yellow ok rong variety, which can be more fibrous, but is also considered far more aromatic.

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