Is bench from Philippines?

Bench is the Philippines’ leading clothing and lifestyle brand. … The proudly Filipino brand has also become known for enlisting some of the world’s most recognised celebrities as it’s brand ambassadors.

Is the owner of bench a Filipino?

Ben Chan is the man behind the Bench brand, founder of what is now the Philippines’ largest clothing chain, under Suyen Corporation. His style is world class fashion and his work ethics impeccable, after learning the definition of “hardworking” from his Chinese forebears.

Is bench a international brand?

Bench Global Ltd.

(usually branded as “Bench.”) is a British clothing brand that is sold worldwide, including in Europe and Canada. The company was founded in Manchester, England, and specialises in streetwear.

Is bench a Filipino global corporation?

Suyen Corporation is a Philippine conglomerate most known for the clothing brand Bench. It was founded by Ben Chan who also serves as the chairman of the company.

What is the tagline of Bench?

Our motto at Bench is “Live Life with Flavor,” so we strive to give products that add flavor to your life—from shirts to hair products to socks and underwear to food and Filipino desserts!

What made Bench successful?

On creativity, Chan explains, ‘Bench became successful because we took unusual creative risks in the way we marketed and presented the brand. It gave off a creative vibe from the start. Our packaging, our stores, our advertising, were all considered maverick at that time.

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Is Bench still trading?

Bench filed for bankruptcy in April last year, before being acquired three months later by US investor Gordon Brothers. The streetwear brand closed 14 of its stores in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands in July 2018 because the new investor had no interest in the branch business.

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