How much do international teachers earn in Singapore?

The average salary for teaching in Singapore is $2,700 – $3,500 per month.

How much do you get paid as a teacher in Singapore?

In Singapore, teachers are quite highly paid. A secondary school teacher receives an annual salary of $68,954, whereas a primary school teacher earns S$57,919, inclusive of bonuses.

How do I become an international teacher in Singapore?

For the majoirty of teaching positions in Singapore, a Bachelor’s degree is essential. For roles in public and international schools, a degree in Education or your subject area is strongly preferred. For ESL positions, a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certification is usually required.

Are teachers well paid in Singapore?

Compared to other countries teachers in Singapore are paid quite well. An average secondary school teacher can earn approximately $70,000. Read this interesting blog: Teachers Salary in Singapore and Workload. Whereas the yearly income of an average primary school teacher is around $58,000.

Which country pays highest salary to teachers?

Generally speaking, the highest-paid ESL teaching salaries globally are found in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the two biggest cities in the UAE. Salary packages for teachers in the United Arab Emirates can range between $3,500-$6,000 (12,300-22,000 AED) per month, depending on experience.

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Do international school teachers get paid more?

How much do international school teachers make? International teachers can earn a significantly better salary teaching overseas than in their home country.

What is the highest paid job in Singapore?

Highest paying jobs in Singapore

  • General manager. …
  • Head of IT. …
  • Regional marketing director. …
  • Head of sales. …
  • Chief financial offer. …
  • Research and development director. …
  • Human resources (HR) director. Average base salary: $163,570 per year. …
  • General counsel (in-house lawyer) Average base salary: $181,215 per year.

Is it hard to be a teacher in Singapore?

Thirdly, being a teacher is hard. If you’re a student, you’ll realize many young teachers come and go. … Rowdy students bullying them, long working hours (I know of teachers who work from 2.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. daily) and lack of social life. This is especially so for new teachers who are still learning the ropes.

What is the salary of a primary school teacher in Singapore?

The typical Ministry of Education Singapore Primary School Teacher salary is $4,500 per month. Primary School Teacher salaries at Ministry of Education Singapore can range from $3,500 – $6,200 per month.

Is teaching a good job in Singapore?

While teacher pay in Singapore is very strong, it does come at a price. Teachers are required by the Ministry of Education to work longer hours compared to many other educational professionals around the world. … In Singapore, it has been reported that teachers can be required to work for as much as 52 hours per week.

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Can I teach English in Singapore without a degree?

English teachers need to have a bachelor’s degree to teach in Singapore, and TEFL certification is required. However, qualifications are highly emphasized in Singapore, so the more qualifications and certifications you have, the better. Most international schools and governments require you to sign a two-year contract.

How do I get certified to teach in Singapore?

To be certified as a teacher or educarer in kindergartens and childcare centres in Singapore, you must meet the professional, academic and language requirements1 of the respectiv​e certi​fication category. ​Application can be submitted by a childcare centre or a kindergarten.

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