How many elephants are there in Vietnam?

In the 1990s, Vietnam had around 1,500-2,000 elephants in the wild but the number has dropped dramatically to 124-148 in eight of 63 localities in the country. The nation had 165 domesticated elephants in 2,000 but just 91 in 2018.

Are there any elephants in Vietnam?

Despite the small wild elephant population, human-elephant conflict is a serious and ongoing problem in Vietnam. There are five groups of wild elephants, with the largest population found in Yok Don National Park (in Dak Lak Province), an area of 100,000 hectares. … Why do 100 or so elephants really matter you might ask?

Are there elephants in South Vietnam?

Vietnam’s elephant population has declined dramatically, falling from a maximum estimated population of 2,000 animals in 1980 to just 114 in 2000. … Wild elephants used to roam throughout much of southern and central Vietnam and domesticated ones were used in the lumber industry.

Can you ride elephants in Vietnam?

If you are travelling to Vietnam, Thailand or any other country, don’t ride elephants. Don’t involve yourself in elephant tourism outside of a national park or reputable elephant sanctuary.

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