How many Accor hotels are there in Vietnam?

Accor operates 13 hotels throughout Vietnam under the Sofitel, MGallery, Novotel, and Mercure hotel brands.

How many hotels are in Vietnam?

Related Indicators for Vietnam Number of Hotels & Guest Houses: Hanoi

country/region Last
Vietnam Number of Hotels & Guest Houses: Hanoi (Unit) 726.00 2017
Number of Beds: Hanoi: Foreign Invested Sector (Unit) 5,030.00 2017
Number of Rooms: Hanoi: Foreign Invested Sector (Unit) 3,360.00 2017

How many Accor hotels are there in Asia?

Explore Asia with 1235 hotels. Choose from a wide selection of hotels on for your next business trip, family holiday or city break. Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore… and many other destinations are waiting to be explored.

Is Accor part of Marriott?

Accor (34,327 hotel rooms) and Marriott International (33,757) were the only two companies with at least 30,000 rooms in the region as of 28 February 2019.

STR: Accor, Marriott the largest hotel companies in the Middle East.

Parent Company InterContinental Hotels Group
Parent Company Rooms 23,331
Brand Rotana
Brand Rooms 8,446

How much does it cost to build a hotel in Vietnam?

The five-star luxury hotel in Vietnam’s capital — which calls itself the world’s first fully gold-plated hotel — opened its golden gates to visitors this week, after 11 years of construction that cost around $200 million.

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Are Accor hotels franchised?

Accor is a global hotel operator & franchisor, as well as a market leader in Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific (outside China). We operate 2,650 hotels under direct management contract and an additional 2,490 hotels under franchise contract.

Where is the headquarters of Accor hotels?

What does Accor mean in French?

noun. 1. (= agreement, consent) accord m. in accord en accord.

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