How is Philippine English unique?

Philippine English has developed a vigorous literature. It is in the process of standardization, with a variety no longer marked by regional accents associated with regional languages, but a converging variety that originates in Manila.

How do you describe Philippine English?

Philippine English is a legitimate nativized variety of English. It is the language used by Filipinos in controlling domains such as science and technology, the judiciary, the legislature, bureaucracy, higher education, scholarly discourse, and the like.

How does Philippine English differ from standard English?

Filipino English and American English are often compared due to their similarities in pronunciation and spelling. … Due to this influence, the Filipino English accent is almost the same as the American English accent except for the fact that it’s a little strong compared to the latter.

What is the special role of English in the Philippines?

English has always been one of the official languages of the Philippines and is spoken by more than 14 million Filipinos. It is the language of commerce and law, as well as the primary medium of instruction in education.

Why is Philippine English a legitimate variety of English?

Philippine English accent is a legitimate variety of the English language, according to Dr. Danica Salazar, world English editor for the Oxford English Dictionary, the principal historical dictionary of the English language. … It is not carabao English, or any other derogatory word that’s been used over the years,” Dr.

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What are the examples of Philippine English?

Linguists have discussed the concept of “Philippine English” that has different variations of typical English words and here are a few examples of these words:

  • Chancing. …
  • Eat-All-You-Can. …
  • Salvage. …
  • Live-In. …
  • Bedspace. …
  • Double deck. …
  • Comfort Room. …
  • Boodle fight.

What is the religion of Philippines and USA?


STAT Philippines United States
Major religion(s) Christianity Christianity
Muslim percentage of total population 5.1% Ranked 87th. 6 times more than United States 0.8% Ranked 132nd.
Muslim population 4.74 million Ranked 40th. 83% more than United States 2.6 million Ranked 54th.

What is the Philippine English of hold on?

The best Filipino / Tagalog translation for the English word hold on. 2.) ikapit – [verb] to hold on to something; to cling to something more…

Is Philippines a bilingual country?

The linguistic situation in the Philippines

The Philippines is a multilingual nation with more than 170 languages.

What are the advantages of English language?

Knowledge of English equips you with the tools to travel and communicate more effectively in so many parts of the world, which, in turn, allows to you to explore and travel more confidently and to learn more about the countries and cultures you visit.

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