How do you say Happy New Year in Cambodian?

How do you say Happy Lunar new year in Cambodian?

But you will still be able to spot quite a few traditional “Lion and Dragon dancers” performing on the streets in front of someone’s house or businesses across Phnom Penh for several days around New Years Day. And hear people say “Gong Xi Fa Cai!” to each other, which means “Happy New Year” in Chinese.

Why do Cambodians celebrate New Years in April?

Khmer people can find free time in April because there is no rain, and it is very hot, so Khmer farmers have the time to take vacation after they have worked very hard to gather the rice crops from their fields to get their income. Therefore, April is the right time for Khmer in Cambodia to celebrate New Year.

How do you pronounce Khmer in Cambodian?

The correct pronunciation of Khmer in the Khmer language is Km-ah-eh.

Does Laos celebrate Lunar New Year?

Lao New Year, called Pi Mai (Lao: ປີໃໝ່, [pìːmāi]) or less commonly Songkran (Lao: ສົງກຣານ, [sǒŋkràːn]), is celebrated every year from 13/14 April to 15/16 April.

Lao New Year.

Lao New Year / Pi Mai Lao
Official name Pi Mai Lao (ປີໃໝ່ລາວ)
Observed by Lao
Significance Marks the Lao New Year
Begins 13/14 April
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Rest in hot countries