How do you eat Thai mango sticky rice?

Grab a generous amount of rice with your hands and massage it into a cylindrical shape or ball big enough for several mouthfuls. Break off each serving by hand and flatten the rice before dipping. Once you’ve rolled out the ball, dip the sticky rice into your favorite sauce or soup.

Do you eat mango sticky rice hot or cold?

Mango sticky rice is served with warm sticky rice, cold mangoes, and a warm sweetened coconut sauce. If you wait too long to eat this, the sticky rice will get cold and harden over time. Rice hardens in the fridge so serving the rice cold is not typical.

How does mango sticky rice taste?


In Thailand, it is eaten during the summer months of mango season (April – May) with a spoon or sometimes with your hands. It is commonly found as street food. Sweet, creamy, salty, and tangy — it’s a decadent dessert that encompasses all your taste buds.

Can I eat rice with mango?

Cool and refreshing curd rice topped with chilled mango pieces is a perfect match on a hot summer day. My mom peels the mangoes and refrigerates them and whenever we like to eat, or anyone comes home she simply cut them into cubes and serve.

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Is sweet rice the same as Thai sticky rice?

Answers: Thai Sweet Rice – Also called, and usually labeled, sticky rice, waxy rice, or glutinous rice. These rice grains are short and plump with a chalky white, opaque kernel. … According to Thai tradition, sticky rice can put you fast asleep if more than a couple handfuls are eaten.

Can you eat mango sticky rice the next day?

The mango sticky rice is ready to serve when the rice mixture and the sauce cool to room temperature. You can serve it or store the extra sauce and the sauce-rice mixture separately in the fridge until ready to serve, up to 3 days.

Can sticky rice be eaten cold?

Before we get to the recipe instructions, here are some important tips for cooking sticky rice: … Make sure it stays warm and covered before serving or adding to a recipe. It’s best to serve it hot, since cold, hardened glutinous rice can be hard to digest.

Do you eat coconut sticky rice hot or cold?

If you let the rice sit too long in the coconut cream and sugar mixture, it may become too sticky and lumpy. Make sure you serve this dish right away with the rice being served warm.

Can jasmine rice be used for sticky rice?

What kind of rice is used for sticky rice? The type of rice you need is jasmine rice. Named after the sweet-smelling jasmine flower, it’s grown in Thailand and its key characteristics are a slightly sweet, fragrant flavour and sticky glutinous texture. Don’t attempt to use other long grain rice varieties.

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Is Thai sticky rice healthy?

“Glutinous rice gets its sticky texture from a high amylopectin content (which is a type of starch). Sticky rice, however, has negligible amounts of nutrients and isn’t a good source of fiber, vitamins or minerals.”

What type of rice is served with Thai food?

The two main kinds of used in Thai cooking, are a long-grain rice called Jasmine rice and a short-grained rice called sticky rice or sweet rice. The importance of rice is reflected in the language. The word for “to eat” in Thai is kin.

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