How do I start learning Muay Thai?

How many days will it take to learn Muay Thai?

You can learn all the fundamentals like basic fight strategy, tactics techniques, and proper Muay Thai fitness in 6 months. This is enough time to be competent with training gear, working with a partner, and being able to Spar and have the ability to teach someone some basic beginner stuff.

What is the best way to learn Muay Thai?

Here are my top Muay Thai training tips to help you break through the next barrier and achieve your training goals.

  1. Hit the gym at least twice a week. …
  2. Mix in some cardio. …
  3. Focus on technique. …
  4. Strengthen your legs. …
  5. Stretch. …
  6. Be social. …
  7. Keep your guard up. …
  8. Eat well.

Is it worth it to learn Muay Thai?

Muay Thai will teach you excellent self-defense skills and as it’s a skill you will constantly want to get better and improve. Also, it teaches discipline, respect reduces stress, builds muscle, and will improve every other quality of your life. It is definitely worth learning.

Can I learn Muay Thai online?

If you are a beginner, someone who’s relatively new to Muay Thai or if you are looking to improve your Muay Thai striking skills, it is possible to train on your own at home. You will need 5 things to learn Muay Thai online: The right training gear at home. A well-structured training program with detailed explanations.

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Can I do Muay Thai everyday?

It is safe to establish that training Muay Thai everyday is not a norm. At least not with the same, high level of intensity of a typical Muay Thai training every day. … Even a top level fighter like Saenchai or Buakaw takes a day off every week from training.

How long should you train before your first Muay Thai fight?

If you are planning to fight, you will need at least 6-8 weeks of the intensive training we’ve mentioned above. If you think that competing is up your alley, here are some factors to consider before taking that plunge: Is your endurance up to par? The greatest Muay Thai fighters know the importance of good endurance.

How many times a week should I train Muay Thai?

Typically you should start training Muay Thai around 2-4 times a week. Training Muay Thai will still put stress on your muscles but the difference is your muscles were USED to being under stress; from weights or your previous martial arts training.

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