How can I renew my Indonesian passport in Abu Dhabi?

How do I renew my Indonesian passport?

An Indonesian citizen who makes application to renew his/her passport must submit the following documents: his/her current Indonesian passport; passport sized photographs of the applicant; and a completed passport renewal application form.

Can I renew Indonesia Passport online?

You have to register yourself here: You need to fill in your username, create a desirable password, and add your National ID/KTP number, phone number, email address and your home address. You have to confirm your email address.

How can I renew my passport online in UAE?

How long will the Online Application Process take?

  1. Register user. 2 min.
  2. Select application category. 1 min.
  3. Give passport delivery details. 1 min.
  4. Pay fee. 2 min.
  5. Provide personal information. 1 min.
  6. Provide Address details. 2 min.
  7. Upload photograph. 1 min.
  8. Upload supporting documents. 1 min.

How long does Indonesian passport renewal take?


If the application is sent by mail, it generally takes up to five to seven working days, starting from the date that the completed application and payment received by the Consular Office.

Can I get my passport renewed?

You can renew your current or expired U.S. passport unless your passport was: Issued before your 16th birthday. Issued 15 or more years ago. Damaged, lost, or stolen.

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Who pays maid renewal passport?

Passport renewal fees can be relatively costly for an FDW. While you are not required to pay for your FDW’s passport renewal, you could consider helping with the cost out of goodwill.

Which countries are visa free for Indonesian passport?

Visa-Free Countries in 2021

  • Brunei – 14-day visa free.
  • Cambodia – 30-day visa free.
  • Hong Kong – 30-day visa free.
  • Kazakhstan – 30-day visa free.
  • Kyrgyzstan – eVisa/ visa on arrival for 30 days, arrival at Manas International Airport.
  • Laos – 30-day visa free.
  • Macau – 30-day visa free.
  • Malaysia – 90-day visa free.

Does a child born in UAE get citizenship?

Birth in United Arab Emirates

In general, birth in the United Arab Emirates does not, in itself, confer Emirati citizenship as its law utilize jus sanguinis policy. Exceptions are made for foundlings.

Can I exit UAE with expired passport?

A: Yes, such requests will be considered for exit permit. Q: What documents are required for passport renewal? A: i) Original passport which should not have expired more than 6 months ago.

How much is passport renewal in Dubai?

The regular fee for the 100-page passport has been reduced from Dh300 to Dh170 while the urgent delivery fee has been reduced from Dh600 to Dh335.

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