How can I get Taiwan visa from Philippines?

How much is visa from Philippines to Taiwan?

The total cost is 129$ or 6948.33 PHP. The visa will arrive in your email inbox, and you need to print it out to show it to the immigration officers when you get to Taiwan. The document is valid for 90 days, you are allowed a single entry, and once you get to Taiwan, you are allowed to stay there for 30 days.

Is Taiwan visa-free for Filipino?

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, July 20) – Taiwan is extending its trial visa-free entry for Filipino travelers from Aug. 1, 2021 to July 31, 2022, the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) announced on Tuesday. … Taiwan has been extending its visa-free privilege for Filipinos since the trial program began on Nov.

Is Taiwan visa-free for Filipino 2021?

Taipei, July 20 (CNA) The visa-free treatment of tourists from Thailand, Brunei, the Philippines and Russia will be extended for another year, from Aug. 1, 2021 to July 31, 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) announced Tuesday.

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How much is a visa to Taiwan?

Single Entry Visitor Visa: NT$1,600 per application made in Taiwan; US$50 per application made overseas. Multiple Entry Visitor Visa: NT$3,200 per application made in Taiwan; US$100 per application made overseas. Single Entry Resident Visa: NT$2,200 per application made in Taiwan; US$66 per application made overseas.

How long does a Taiwan visa take?

The processing time for a Taiwan visa depends on the country from which you’re applying, but it usually does not take long, varying from 2-10 working days from the time they receive your completed application. You should inquire with the Taiwan diplomatic mission through which you are applying to make sure.

Does Taiwan accept Filipino tourist now?

Starting from July 26, travelers arriving in Taiwan from Philippines must undergo COVID-19 testing at airports and observe quarantine measures. … Those who wish to enter Taiwan must also undergo home quarantine for 14 days after entry into the country.

Can I go to Taiwan without a visa?

If you wish to enter Taiwan as a tourist or short-term visitor (less than 90 days), you do not need a visa. No extensions or changes of status are permitted. Your U.S. passport must be valid throughout your intended length of stay, and you must have a confirmed return or onward air ticket.

How can a tourist go to Taiwan from Philippines?


  1. Valid Passport. Must have at least 6 months validity. …
  2. Return or Onward Ticket. If Taiwan is the only country you will be visiting, you must have a ticket to a flight back to the Philippines. …
  3. Proof of Accommodation. …
  4. Sufficient travel funds. …
  5. Accomplished Arrival Card.
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How many years can work in Taiwan?

Under the Employment Service Act, migrant workers employed as domestic helpers are permitted to remain on contract for up to 14 years, while for those in other fields the maximum time is 12 years.

What are the free visa country?

Visa-free Countries in America

  • Bolivia – 90 days.
  • Brazil – 90 days.
  • Colombia – 90 days.
  • Costa Rica – 30 days.
  • Ecuador – 90 days.
  • Peru – 183 days.
  • Suriname – 90 days.

What are the requirements for Taiwan visa?

The Taiwan visa requirements include:

  • Completed Taiwan Visa Application Form.
  • Original passport.
  • Passport-size pictures.
  • Travel itinerary/travel ticket.
  • Proof of accommodation in Taiwan.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means.
  • Employment status documents.
  • Taiwan visa fee.

How can I get tourist visa for Taiwan?

The documents you have to submit when you apply for a Taiwan Visitor Visa include:

  1. Taiwan Visa Application Form completed and signed.
  2. Original passport, with a validity of at least six more months after the date of arrival and with at least three blank pages.
  3. Passport-size pictures: 35mm by 45mm, with a white background.

Who needs visa for Taiwan?

Taiwan’s visa policy states that citizens who are nationals of around 65 countries can enter the country without obtaining a visa. In accordance with the visa rules, Taiwan visa-exempt citizens can stay in the country between 14 and 90 days, depending on nationality.

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