How can I check the status of my Singapore permit?

How can I check my work permit in Singapore?


  1. Work Permit Online ( WPOL ) for businesses and employment agencies. …
  2. Application Status Check via Work Permit Online (Non-login) …
  3. Card Delivery Status Check via Work Permit Online (Non-login) …
  4. Work Permit or IPA Validity Check via Work Permit Online (Non-login) …
  5. Declare your business activity.

How do I check if my work permit is expired?

How do I check the expiry date of a Work Pass or Long-Term Pass?

  1. “Enquire” -> “Foreign Worker Details”
  2. “Enquire” -> “Work Permit Validity/Application Status”

How can I check my Singapore special pass status?

Currently, there is no online system to verify the validity period of a SP card holder’s stay in Singapore. To check the validity of a SP card issued by ICA or to enquire about the card, please call ICA at 6391 6250.

How long does it take to get work permit in Singapore?

The processing time for the work permit is usually three weeks for manual applications and eight weeks for manual applications. Singapore offers options on the work permit and those who want to work here can choose the most appropriate one.

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How long can I stay in Singapore after work permit expires?

If you are laid off without any notice period before the last date of employment, you have seven days from the date of termination of employment to cancel your work pass and other related passes. You will be issued a 30-day Short Term Visit Pass (STVP), which will allow you to temporarily stay in Singapore.

How can I check my mother’s Work Permit status?

Use function:

  1. Enquire → Foreign Worker Details.
  2. Enquire → Work Permit Validity/Application Status.

How can I check my FDW Work Permit status?

You can check the employment record of a prospective foreign domestic worker ( FDW ) by logging in to our FDW eService with your Singpass.

You will need the FDW’s details to access her record:

  1. Name or FIN.
  2. Nationality.
  3. Date of birth.

Does Work Permit have fin number?

Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents are currently issued with identification numbers with the prefix S or T, while foreigners on long-term immigration or work passes are currently issued FINs with the prefix F or G.

Why is S pass rejected?

If your application for a Singapore S pass is rejected, the Ministry of Manpower has probably declined you for not meeting one of the following criteria: Having a degree or diploma. Earning at least $2,500 per month (effective 1 Oct 2020)

How long does mothers s pass approval take?

Submit an application

Processing time: within 3 weeks. Some cases will take more time. To submit an application: Get a written consent to apply for S Pass from the candidate.

What will happen if overstay in Singapore?

Overstaying is a punishable offence in Singapore. If you want to stay beyond the period of stay granted, you can apply for an extension online using the e-Service or go to the Visitor Services Centre on Level 4 of the ICA Building before your Visit Pass expires.

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Can I extend my stay in Singapore?

Visitors who are in Singapore as a tourist for social purposes or seeking medical treatment, and require a longer period of stay beyond the Visit Pass granted on entry into Singapore, may submit an application for extension of stay (not more than 89 days from date of entry) online using the e-Service.

Can foreigners enter Singapore now?

Foreigners who are short-term travellers travelling from selected countries may seek entry into Singapore by applying for an Air Travel Pass, before 7 and 30 days of the intended date of entry. … To apply, you will need an approval letter for the respective Safe Travel Lane you are using to enter Singapore.

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