Frequent question: What is transmigration policy and what is the main aim of this policy in Indonesia?

The transmigration policy had multiple purposes: I) to relieve population pressure in Java, 2) to secure economic development in the outer islands, 3) to secure and defend the marginal regions of the nation, and 4) to increase cultural assimilation, political integration, and economic consolidation to the end of …

What is transmigration in human geography?

Transmigration. movement that consists of one person migrating from one place to another.

What does transmigration mean?

Definition of transmigrate

transitive verb. : to cause to go from one state of existence or place to another. intransitive verb. 1 of the soul : to pass at death from one body or being to another. 2 : migrate.

What was Indonesia’s transmigration policy and when did it start?

In 1905 the first government-sponsored migration scheme was initiated by the Dutch colonial government which termed it a “colonization” program. After independence the government of Indonesia developed its own “colonization program” but called it “transmigration.”

What is an example of ecumene?

ecumene: Portion of earth’s surface occupied by permanent human settlement. Distinctive causes of death in each stage of the demographic transition. Example: Stage 1: Age of pestilence and famine when mortality is high and fluctuation thus precluding sustained population growth.

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What is a Maladaptation quizlet?

Cultural Maladaptation. Poor or inadequate adaptation that occurs when a group pursues an adaptive strategy that, in the short run, fails to provide the necessities of life or, in the long run, destroys the environment that nourishes it.

What is the definition of carrying capacity in AP human Geography?

The “carrying capacity” of an area refers to the maximum number of people who can be realistically sustained by the geography of that area. This number can be affected by access to food, water, shelter, and other significant factors.

What is an example of transmigration?

Transmigration is the movement of a soul into another body after death. … If you believe your cat is your reincarnated grandmother, then you believe in transmigration.

What do you mean by Nirvana?

: the state of perfect happiness and peace in Buddhism where there is release from all forms of suffering. : a state or place of great happiness and peace.

What was the Dutch culture system?

Culture System, also called Cultivation System, Dutch Cultuurstelsel, revenue system in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) that forced farmers to pay revenue to the treasury of the Netherlands in the form of export crops or compulsory labour. … In case of crop failure, the people were left responsible for the loss.

What is transmigration in pathology?

Leukocyte transmigration, the process of immune cells exiting from blood vessels to tissue. Transmigration of cancer cells, a process that is involved in metastasis and secondary tumor formation.

What type of migration did the Indonesian government promote?

The scope of extended migration expanded in the 1970s, as the Indonesian government started to actively encourage international labor migration to address labor surpluses and to earn foreign currency.

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