Frequent question: What do I need for police clearance Thailand?

How do I get a police clearance in Thailand?

An applicant residing abroad

  1. Certified photocopy of valid passport.
  2. Certified photocopy of Thai Visa.
  3. Certified photocopy of present Visa in case you are foreigner (student visa, visa work, Resident visa and others)
  4. Document(s) stating that the applicant is used to work or reside in Thailand.

What documents are needed for police clearance?

A certified copy of the applicant’s identity document/passport. The applicant must present his/her identity document/passport at the police station, as proof of identity will be required.

How much is police clearance in Thailand?

1. The certificate fee amount 100 baht must be paid in Thai currency. 2. All money transfer costs for both inside and outside beneficiary’s country are the applicant responsibility.

What should I avoid in Thailand?

1. Places for backpackers to stay

  • Avoid: Khao San Road. …
  • Instead: Sukhumvit and Siam Square are popular and convenient alternatives. …
  • Avoid: Bargaining a flat rate with a taxi driver. …
  • Instead: Insist on using the meter – it’s illegal for taxi drivers to refuse. …
  • Avoid: Ping Pong Shows.

How long does it take for a police clearance?

How long does it take before the Clearance Certificate is issued? The average time is approximately 14 working days from the day that the complete application is received at the Criminal Record Centre until the Clearance Certificate is issued.

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Does police clearance expire?

How long is a police clearance valid for? A police clearance is only valid for a period of six months from the date it is issued – unless stipulated otherwise. Therefore, it is extremely important to time when you obtain police clearances so that you do not have out of date documentation.

How can I get police clearance certificate from local police station?

Steps to Get PCC Online from Local Station in India

  1. Browse the link of local police station in the name of the state, such as Delhi, Kerala etc.
  2. Select Police Clearance Certificate from its services.
  3. Get registered with the email id.
  4. Receive & submit a verification code on the registered email id.

What is a penal clearance certificate?

Penal Clearance Certificate Overview

Generally, it’s necessary to obtain a penal clearance certificate to prove that the applicant doesn’t have any sort of criminal record or history.

How do I contact the police in Thailand?

Thailand National Police Telephone Numbers

  1. Bangkok: North Bangkok :02-3080946-7. South Bangkok : 02-3080948-9. …
  2. Central Thailand: Ayuthaya :035-242352,035-241446. Lopburi :036-244515. …
  3. East Of Thailand: Nakorn Ratchasima : 044-341778. …
  4. North Of Thailand: Chaing Mai : 053-247317-8. …
  5. South Thailand: Ranong : 077-825515.

How long is overseas police clearance valid for?

There are no expiry dates on international police checks. But they are a point-in-time check. Policies vary between employers as to how recently they require the screening to have been done. The fit2work online portal allows you to track and manage the status of all your police checks.

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