Can I make Italian pesto with Thai basil?

Typically, a classic Italian pesto is usually made with Italian basil which can taste slightly sweet. … To make this Thai basil pesto, combine Thai basil, canola oil, salt, parmigiano reggiano, garlic, almonds, and lime juice in a food processor and blitz.

Can you use Thai basil for pesto?

If you love the classic flavors found in Thai food such as Thai basil, hot peppers, garlic, and ginger, you will LOVE this easy pesto. … This Thai Basil Pesto is a Thai inspired fresh pesto that can be used on pasta, in Thai inspired dishes and more.

Can you substitute Thai basil for regular basil in pesto?

You can do the same recipes as basil, either mixing the two (they go very well together IMO) or using just Thai. The result will not be the same, as of course Thai has a different flavor, but interesting nonetheless.

Can you substitute Thai basil for Italian basil?

Italian Basil – Italian basil is used in several Mediterranean dishes. It is one of the most popular herbs in the Western world. … Thai basil and Italian basil belong to the same family so you can use Italian basil as a Thai Basil Substitute, and the flavor will not change much.

Can I use Thai basil in tomato sauce?

Do not add any water to the tomatoes; they will make lots of juice on their own as they cook. Chop the Sweet Basil and Thai Basil right before adding to the Pasta Sauce. Since these Basils are tender, it is not necessary to add them at the beginning.

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