Best answer: What does Niang mean in Khmer?

How do you say Grandpa in Cambodian?

គ្រួសារ (krou sar) is the term for a family in the Khmer language.


Khmer Pronunciation English Translation
តា ta grandpa

What does lok mean in Khmer?

In formal situation, Cambodians address people with Lok (Mr.) or Lok Srey (Mrs.) followed by his/her given name or both given and family name. Rarely is the family name used by itself as Westerners do.

How do you say uncle in Cambodia?

Traditionally, Cambodians will address each other according to relationship – for example, ‘ta’ (grandfather), ‘po’ (uncle) or ‘bang’ (brother) and to an older woman as ‘yeay’ (grandmother), ‘ming’ (aunt) or ‘bang srey’ (sister).

What is grandma in Cambodia?

Cambodia: The official language is Khmer, and a grandma is Yeay or Yiey.

Do Cambodians eat with hands?

Cambodians tend to eat with their hands, chopsticks or a spoon and fork depending on the food and the people present. Forks are used to push food onto the spoon.

What is good day Cambodia?

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Khmer Pronunciation English Translation
អរុណ​សួស្ ah-roeun-sour-sdei Good morning
ទិវាសួស្ tiveah-sour-sdei Good afternoon
សាយ័ណសួរស្តី sayon-sour-sdei Good evening
រាត្រីសួរស្ reatrei-sour-sdei Good night

Did Cambodia used to be part of Vietnam?

Cambodia was officially a neutral country in the Vietnam War, though North Vietnamese troops moved supplies and arms through the northern part of the country, which was part of the Ho Chi Minh trail that stretched from Vietnam to neighboring Laos and Cambodia.

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How was Cambodia affected by the Vietnam War?

The fighting in Cambodia also created a refugee problem. Cambodia’s population declined dramatically after 1975, as people fled the Khmer Rouge. Under the leadership of Pol Pot, the communists eliminated the country’s economic infrastructure and social institutions. They abolished money, schools and private property.

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