Best answer: How do I contact Philippine Airlines customer service?

Where can I email Philippine Airlines?

We, likewise, have a dedicated e-mail address, which is indicated on our e-Tickets Itinerary Receipts for easy access.

How do you call Philippine Airlines?

Please call Manila, Philippines’ contact number if your country is not listed above.

How can I stay updated on any changes in my flight?

Location PAL Hotline
Manila, Philippines (+632) 8855-8888

How do I call PAL hotline?

You can make changes and requests through our Reservations Hotline (+632 8855-8888 or US and Canada Toll Free Number 1-800-435-9725) or at any PAL Ticket Office. Click the Contact Us page to view our most updated list of phone numbers and ticket office locations.

Can I cancel a flight and get a refund?

You are entitled to a refund for your canceled flight — even if the airline says you aren’t. … But, here’s the thing: the airline is on the hook for a refund only when it cancels your flight or makes a significant change to your schedule or routing.

How do I contact my PAL refund?

If no ticket has been issued due to system timeout and if the passenger’s Alipay account has been charged, passenger may apply for refund by calling our Reservations Hotline at 02 8888 5555 or our Toll-Free Number at 1-800-435-9725 or click Contact Us to view our directory for other areas.

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Is Pal cargo open 24 hours?

Cargo Operations

Operational hours: Mondays to Sundays (including holidays): 12:00 a.m. – 11:59 p.m.

Can I rebook my pal ticket online?

Passengers with online-issued tickets can avail of Philippine Airlines’ ‘Manage My Booking’ service for rebooking of their flights and advance seat reservations. … All they simply have to do is log on to, press the Manage My Booking icon and type in their booking reference and last name.

Where do I file a complaint against PAL?

PAL will respond quickly to customer complaints. Information about where to submit your written complaint is available on our website,, on all e-ticket confirmations and, upon request, at each ticket counter and boarding gate staffed by PAL personnel or authorized representatives.

How do you dial a landline?

To call a landline number in the province using your Globe or Smart cellphone, just follow this format:

  1. Area Code + 7-Digit Landline Number.
  2. 2 + 8-Digit Landline Number.
  3. 0 + Area Code + 7-Digit Landline Number.
  4. 0 + 2 + 8-Digit Landline Number.
  5. +63 + Area Code + 7-Digit Landline Number.

Who are the rival firms of Philippine Airlines?

The top 10 competitors in Philippine Airlines’ competitive set are Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia Group Berhad, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific , British Airways, Turkish Airlines. Lion Mentari Airlines, Lufthansa, Delta Air Lines Inc, easyJet, flydubai and Virgin Atlantic.

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