Are there any wild elephants in Thailand?

In Thailand there is an estimated 3,000-4,000 elephants. Around half of this number are domesticated, the remainder living wild in National Parks Reserves. Some 300 are suffer under appalling conditions in Bangkok.

Can you see wild elephants in Thailand?

It’s actually really easy to see wild elephants in Thailand. A visit to Kuiburi National Park in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province changed all that. … This is a smallish national park, and on the surface, it doesn’t look too special.

Where do wild elephants live in Thailand?

Because of their diet, the natural habitat of the Thai elephant are in tropical forests which are found in the northern and western parts of Thailand: Mae Hong Son, Chumphon, and the border near Burma (Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Erawan Falls National Park), Petchabun range, Dangrek Range, and peninsular …

Why are elephants in Thailand endangered?

Habitat Destruction

Habitat loss continues to threaten the elephant population, with the most pressure coming from human population growth. Although logging is illegal in Thailand, it still continues . As our population continues to grow, humans continue to deforest and pressure the elephant population.

Is it OK to ride elephants in Thailand?

Sometimes visitors simply wander among and feed the elephants. … But many of the so-called elephant camps let visitors bathe with them and ride them.

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Are elephant sanctuaries cruel?

When not in the camp they are being used for riding, trekking and shows elsewhere. There have also been multiple reports of cruel behaviour at the hands of the people looking after them as well as of grown adults sitting on baby elephants for photo opportunities.

What does the Thai elephant symbolize?

Thai culture celebrates the elephant as a symbol of fortune. The superstitious will pay money to pass underneath the beast’s body in the hopes of gaining the animal’s luck. Besides being superstitious, one must also be brave as elephants are the largest land animals in existence today.

Why are elephants respected in Thailand?

Elephants abound in Thai art and popular culture. … The national symbol of Thailand, elephants are admired for their strength, endurance and intelligence. They have long had a role in Thai society; elephants were used in warfare centuries ago, and they also hauled logs and farm produce.

Do elephants like to be touched?

Fear, domination, and pain cause the elephants to follow the trainers’ commands to let people ride, feed, touch, or bathe them. It isn’t safe for humans to make direct contact with elephants—getting too close can be deadly.

How much does an elephant cost in Thailand?

Prices have exploded with elephants now commanding between 500,000 and two million baht ($17,000 to $67,000) per baby, estimates suggest.

How much is an elephant ride?

The cost is $150. I highly recommend the elephant and then lion encounter combo for $287.

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