Your question: Is Thailand bigger than California?

California is approximately 403,882 sq km, while Thailand is approximately 513,120 sq km, making Thailand 27% larger than California. Meanwhile, the population of California is ~37.3 million people (31.7 million more people live in Thailand).

What is the size of Thailand compared to the United States?

Thailand is approximately 513,120 sq km, while United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km, making United States 1,816% larger than Thailand.

What country is the same size as Thailand?

Thailand is around the same size as Sweden.

Meanwhile, the population of Sweden is ~10.2 million people (58.8 million more people live in Thailand). We have positioned the outline of Sweden near the middle of Thailand.

Is Thailand bigger than Mexico?

Thailand is approximately 513,120 sq km, while Mexico is approximately 1,964,375 sq km, making Mexico 283% larger than Thailand. Meanwhile, the population of Thailand is ~69.0 million people (59.7 million more people live in Mexico).

Is Thailand a third world country?

Because Thailand did not initially join the Allies or the Communism Bloc, it is a Third World country. Thailand is considered to be a developing country or, more accurately, a New Industrialized Country.

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Why did Siam change its name to Thailand?

The name Siam came from a Sanskrit word, syam. … A forceful nationalist and moderniser, he changed the country’s name to Thailand. The change was part of Phibun’s determination to bring his people into the modern world and at the same time to emphasise their unique identity.

What is the capital city of Thailand?

Is it cheaper to go to Mexico or Thailand?

Prices – for the Western world, both Mexico and Thailand are cheap for the tourists. The food is cheaper in Thailand, while the transport is a bit more expensive in Thailand. … At least in Mexico in the tourist places where the Americans go, English is often used, such as in Cancun.

Is Mexico cheaper than Thailand?

Thailand is 44.0% more expensive than Mexico.

Is Thailand similar to Mexico?

If you look at the human development index and income per capita, both countries are very similar with Mexico just a bit higher. However on the ground, the countries are vastly different. First Mexico is far larger and more varied, while Thailand is small and much more uniform.

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