You asked: What is the Yellow Book in Thailand?

Tabien baan or Thai house book is the official local government issued house or apartment address and resident registration booklet. … It is an administrative document issued by the local municipality (amphur).

What is Thai pink card?

A “Pink ID Card” is an ID Card that was initially issued to stateless people to restrict their movement within the Kingdom of Thailand. … To apply for a Pink ID card, you need a Thai ID number and you must have you name present in either a Yellow House Registration book or Blue House Registration book.

What is a TM30 in Thailand?

The TM30 form is also called “Notification from House-Master, Owner or the Possessor of the Residence where Alien has Stayed”. The so-called TM30 notification issue is the talk-of-the-town recently as the Thai Immigration just changed some practicalities that can affect a lot of foreigners staying in Thailand.

What is a pink card?

The Immigration and Naturalization Service began issuing a new style of resident-alien card Tuesday, replacing the much-sought green card with a pink one. The card, officially known as an Alien Registration Receipt Card, or I-551, establishes an alien’s permanent-resident status and right to work in the United States.

What is a pink card immigration?

Most people start their process of immigration to the U.S. by getting an employment visa. This is a visa, not permanent residence. … And I respond: It’s not green, it’s pink and it means you are a lawful permanent resident, i.e. you live here. This is not a visa to enter and exit the country.

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How much is the age of majority card in Ontario?

The voluntary card is available to individuals 16 years of age and over who do not hold a driver’s licence. The Ontario Photo Card will cost $35 and be valid for five years. Contact Service Ontario or visit the website.

What is a house book?

noun. historical. A book in which the accounts and affairs of a house or household are recorded.

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